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Prayers & Praises for:  7/23-24/22

Pastor Kevin & Dawn Wall-   Prayers for church family.    Prayers for upcoming camp.

Mary Ann Delgado-   Prayers for my son Andrew & for his friends for release from jail and comfort.    My father-in-law Bobby Ranking as he suffers with his illness.    Prayers for David to get his disability and being homeless.    For Terry who asked for help & is homeless.     Pray for those having covid in the Delgado family.

Art Gatzke-   Our grandchildren, William, Eric and Charlie

Betty Clendanial-   Prayers for travel and anxiety will be reduced as Stephanie goes across the bridge for training for her new job.

Pastor Doug Morley-   Safe travels back to MD.   Continued prayers for family as we adjust to a new normal.    Thankful for a very uplifting & encouraging celebration of life service for my dad.    Pray for Howard Brinsfield being admitted to hospital with pneumonia. 

Mary James-  Continued prayers for Monica Laisure for treatment.     For Gail Ferguson for cancer treatment.   For Sandy Fitzcharles to have good results on her test.    Laura Sparks for having to put her dog down due to tumors 

Ronnie Seward-   Daughters to get along.   Donna Hartnett having strep throat.    Myself for balance

Dorothy Rash-   Thank God for help at eye appt.  and for family visits with Jeanie & John this week still needing lots of prayers.    Pray for Kevin Larid having a house fire with a lot of smoke damage, many needs.


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