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Prayers & Praises for:   1/8-9/22

Christine Melvin- Tim & Brittney Quidachay having Covid

Debbie Bright- Prayers for the Davidson family as my cousin Mary Louise passed away from Covid with pneumonia 

Judy Jarrell- The Gene Fox family for his passing. Alice Lord having Covid with pneumonia 

Tamra Baurys- Scott Baurys having health issues

Kim Turner- Hampton's uncle is in hospital with Covid, pneumonia & kidney issues not doing well. Please pray for my health and for personal reasons 

Pray for all those that are dealing with Covid & other health issues....Brent & Beth Pandel, Elijah & Hannah Burns, Walter Potter, Judy Jarrell & Mary Zlock

Pastor Kevin & Dawn Wall- Prayers needed for Tracey Raleigh's husband, for her & family. Prayers for Kimberly Bremer to stay on the right path & to keep fighting for the right path

Dante Hines- Prayers for my mom, Alexis. My dad having throat issues. Ms. Bertha & Kene. Family, friends & churches. For God to help me with my needs, protection, peace & health. 

Mary James- Josh needing prayer for his upcoming colonoscopy. Praise God we were not hurt when we hit a deer, some damage to our vehicle

Art Gatzke- Grateful for those that cleared our ramp & sidewalk

Dorothy Blodgett- Mom in hospital 

Dorothy Rash- Continue prayers for 20 month old Kinley & her family. For those that lost so much to fires, the Chaplains, rapid responders & that people will turn to Jesus. For Jeanie & John, for John returning to Daycare after dealing with pneumonia. Prayers for encouragement for Louise,  Mary Ellen Jackson & Evelyn Hackman. Praise God for His care & protection this week


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