Praises & Prayers

Praise God for the safety of friends in TN during recent storms
Praise that Lisa came through surgery well and is on the mend
Praise for the person pulled from the river
Kotah's recovery

Please pray for the following needs:
Please keep James in your prayers. He's currently in ICU with heart issues
Please keep Johnny in your prayers. He is at Easton Hospital with severe abdominal issues that may require surgery. Pray also for Walter (his brother) who is Johnny's POA and will have to sign papers if surgery is required
Monica healing from spinal fractures after chemo treatments
Pamela who is suffering from stage 3 renal failure and other health issues
Mable in rehab has contracted MRSA
Joshua & Laura - family issues
Laura & Jordan
Nicki for health issues
Evelyn for physical needs and encouragement
Nancy for continued health issues
James for heart issues - keep his wife Donna in your prayer

Peace in Jerusalem
Our Government leaders
The work of Greater Impact
LouAnn's students
Joy Bringer Life Group
Sunday's Mother Day Experience
Media Production team
Please keep Jeremiah (9-year-old ) in your prayers. He has been hospitalized and is undergoing tests to determine why he's continuing to have seizure